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What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. Experiements around the points.

    In this version:

    (There was a leak so I am reuploading the same stuff twice here)

    -Point B-

    *Closed a few routes to re-direct the gameplay focus around the map.
    *Readded the staircase going up to the waterfall flank
    *Got rid of the drop down flank
    *Added 2 closed doors to prevent players from going to the wrong area + to avoid engineers from going behind Red team and setting up.

    ---Point D---

    *Got rid of the health and ammo pack at that highground room above redspawn
    * changed the windows overlooking last
    *Instead of a big balcony, now there are 2 windows that blue can use to attack-spam from
    *blocked off the window on that room as well.

    That aint much but it's honest work. I decided to listen. Yeah I did. Happy now? hahaha oh lol. Now for serious, I may not like some of those changes, I am going to be honest, I have a specific vision for the map but if it means that the gameplay is going to suffer for it then I am going to let some of it go.
    Sorry that I didnt release a bigger update, I said I am reworking Point B, Which I am, for months now.I was not in the mood to work the past few days, I have been feeling weird as of late, not sure why but I will try to get back to mapping ASAP.
    About point B I started it from the beginning so many times but with little to no success unfortunately. I dont know what goes wrong, I just fall back to the existing layout. I keep getting stuck. I find it easier to come up with a new design altogether for a new map that rework the existing one. Dunno why.

    Anywayz, thats for now
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