pl_eruption A28

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. More changes to Last.

    in this version:

    - Closed off 1 of the 2 routes that allowed blu to get to the waterfall flank
    so in theory should allow Red to defend B a little easier.

    - Lowered the highground for Blu at point B at least 64-128hu.

    -Reverted the old red spawn at last.

    -Moved the resupply locker further back at red spawn.

    - tweaked the health and ammo packs a little.

    Hey there, so here's another update for eruption. To be honest the height differences never really crossed my mind as far the last point is concerned. I gave both teams a balcony but never really thought that it would be mostly in blue's favour but I hope the recent change helps the situation.
    Here's my plan for eruption as we go on.
    I want to improve Last as much as possible.
    I feel like point A plays pretty good , I dont have any plans really.
    About B, I think i should rework half of the point and change the spawn area as well.
    Last but not least I am thinking to do the same for point C. To make it more fun cause as of now not even I enjoy really playing on this point.

    That's It. If you got any feedback please let me know.
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