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pl_eruption A24

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. Point D , Red spawn Rework.

    In this version:

    -The red spawn at last point got a rework. (hopefully now spawncamp would be less of a problem. If I see that last is still not playing that well I will try a few other things that I got in mind)

    - Changed a few health and ammo packs a little.

    Sorry for the long wait. I was really busy those 2 weeks but I aim to return to my projects as soon as possible.
    About last , I really liked it before. I was hard to defend sure, but i think that's something you dont see that much. I mean most payload maps have a last in which it's filled with sentries and you are scared to push. I am personally not that happy with the changes I made. A few things are better for sure like the new door exit on the right that allows Red to go to that room that has the air vent underneath. the thing is that I dont have much space to rework last and I like last a lot. The main problems I see are those: Spawncamp and being too hard to defend.
    If that continues to be a problem I will revert the changes and rework a few other parts that I feel are causing the problem.
    Such as, this ramp that allows blue to go to red's highground and just camp the door. I could remove that and replace it with a room that has stairs and leads up to the highground, similar to barnblits.
    Anyways those are my ideas let's see where it leads.
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