pl_eruption A27

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. update 18 the sequel

    in this version:

    - Removed the ramp at point B that allowed Red team to get up on the high ground which made it very difficult for blu to cap point B.

    - Added a health and ammo pack at point B.

    - Fixed 2 long sightlines

    - Moved the second Blu forward spawn forward back to it's original location to make it easier for Blu to attack Last.

    - other Minor changes such as clipping , texture changes etc.

    I dont have much to say , The map is playing fairly good in my opinion , people are having fun and that's my goal. To work well and people to enjoy the map.
    Now for those who don't like the last point.
    No matter what I do one thing is for certain. Some people wont like it no matter what obviously. But that's alright. I mean I dont enjoy as much upward's last point, neither do I like swiftwater's last cause it's way too hard to push and the whole time you are trying to destroy the sentry nest covering the cart.
    I tried making something unique with last , There is No a must build Sentry spot there. But there are like 3 good sentry spots but all of them have a counter. There are ways to flank the defending team if you are Blu, like going upstairs to the balcony or using the vent.
    What I like about the last point of Eruption a lot is this:
    If you take your eyes away from the cart you lost. You need to keep watch and do you best not to allow Blu to push.
    I also tried making last point like a koth map.
    Whoever can attack better or defend better wins, that's a reason why the spawns are so close by.
    + I can't change the red Spawn that much since it's touching the cave walls so I dont have to freedom to do whatever.

    Anywayz, I hope I cleared some questions that people may had and I excited to see where this map will go.
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