pl_eruption A28

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. Point B improvements. (hopefully)

    In this version:

    - Made some changes over to Point B

    -Moved the second blu forward spawn further back again.

    -changed the health and ammo pack placement more.

    I feel like everytime I update this map it plays worse or something. That was the case with the last demo. I didnt even finished watching it. All of it was stealrolls. I hope with the new changes We will have more completed and fun rounds that steamrolls. Let's hope.
    Oh and btw, I have said it so many times but here I am again. Sure the map has issues and problems. But please give me some advice on HOW to fix them. Saying I dont like last , Says almost nothing to me on how to fix it.
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