pl_eruption A27

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. i am running out of update titles..

    In this version:

    -added a rollback zone to Point B

    - Moved the Second point a bit further back

    - fixed that nodraw issue at point A

    - Reverted the changes to point C.

    -fixed and changed a few things based on feedback.

    I am still trying to Fix those 2 points. Maybe I should try doing that One at a time. Now I hope point B will play better. Fingers crossed.
    Now for point C, the changes I made over this point I think made it play worse or something. So I reverted the changes I made and now the point looks like before. I was trying to come up with a new design for this point but I failed. I think I need to give Blu some high ground or something to help the situation but if I do that I open up some really nasty sightlines. Anywayz I will do my best to deliver a better design for point C in the next version. Apart from that I am really happy with Points A and D, They play like I wanted and I was really glad to see in the last playtest some sentry and sniper spots being used.
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