pl_eruption A28

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. Many changes and fixes

    in this version:

    - I finally remade the displacements at point A , now you guys that have been asking me to fix those , you can finally rest and watch the sun rise on a greatful universe.

    - The (upward like) Blu forward spawn when point A gets captured , was removed.

    - I done some changes to help Red defend point B a little easier.

    - I relocated the second Blu forward spawn back to it's original place ( at point C because Blu team had a hard time attacking last )

    - Clipped the map a little more as well as changing a few stuff based on feedback.

    I dont have much to say really , I think I need more feedback for the map , I hardly ever receive any feedback to begin with. Now I don't know if it is the teams or not but I see people either defending certain points really well or exactly the opposite , being unable to do anything really. Not sure If it is the map's fault or not still not sure. If I could ask anything , this would be it.
    I want to know , are you guys enjoying the map? is it fun to play? what would you like to be changed?
    I ask those almost everytime I get a chance to play my map and most of the times the answer is positive but I really need to know.
    I dont want to do the same mistake again which is going to Beta when the map is not ready yet.
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