pl_eruption A23a

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. Giving Red a better time defending

    in this version:

    - Changed the ammo/heath packs a bit.
    Now there are more packs at last.

    - changed a few things based on feedback.

    - Gave Red a way to get on top of a platform at Point B.

    -Removed the NoBuild at the small area on top of the waterfall area.

    -Made it impossible for certain classes to get on top of that tree near the first blu spawn at point A. ( I personally really like the idea that you can hide in trees or just getting on top of them. I tried solving the tree problem to a point but if I see that people are still complaining I will just clip it off.

    The last playtest went pretty well! I really enjoyed watching the last demo. Point C played really well and I am really happy for it. I loved how Blu used that underground flank that I had and It worked in general pretty well.
    Point A in my opinion plays decend , although I feel like people don't know how to play the game sometimes. What I am trying to say is, you have for instance 1 minute to set up right?
    Engineers do nothing for that one minute and set up somewhere really risky at the last seconds. But for some mysterious reason it works out for them.
    I hope the new changes at Point B will help the whole defending situation . I was thinking to put a rollback zone when the cart goes underwater and then up, but I thought it would have been a bad idea , so I tried doing other things there instead.
    Overall, The map plays fairly well and I think by the end of september I will have already started detailing which I am really excited about.
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