pl_eruption A23a

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. even more improvements and changes

    in this version:

    - Changed a few health and ammo pack locations

    - made the ammo pack on first a medium one for easier defence

    - gave Red team a medium and a small health pack at point B , so they can have a defence at the waterfall area. ( I just reverted the changes )

    -Added more lighting around

    - Relocated the third forward blu spawn to it's previous location.


    funnily enough now the map feels very blu-sided so i tried giving Red team an edge this time around. People complained about being hard to push Last so as an experiement I tried moving the third blu forward spawn back to it's original location. If that doesnt work as intended I will move it back again. I will try experiementing with what works and what doesnt since the map is still in Alpha until I find the best solution. Thats for now , I am aiming to reach beta this september or October , thats the plan anywayz
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