pl_eruption A28

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. improvements To point B.

    in this version:

    - Made some improvements over to point B , Added more packs and made the right flank route easier to attack by giving Blu more cover. Also changed the cover for red a bit.

    - Made it so snipers can not hide to the waterfall now.

    - Changed the sun angle so the map is a lot brighter now.

    - small other fixes and improvements were made.

    - The second capture point was moved a bit further back so as to make it less awkward of a "location" and to make Blu's time easier capping the point.

    I hope now attacking point B will be a far easier task now, I am happy that the map plays fairly well and it is fun. For the first time we managed to hold Point A and win , and to hold Point C for a few minutes which is obviously a win. I will playtest this map a bunch before starting detailing until people are actually asking for the beta to begin. It's like an extra clarification that the map is ready so yeap.
    See ya in the next playtest.
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