pl_descend a4

A payload map with 4 control points

  1. Some changes to A and D

    • Control point D has been modified:
    • The death pit has been modified and moved slightly
    • Red team's middle spawn exit has been raised and rotated 90 degrees
    • The building outside of red team's right spawn exit has been remade. It only has one floor now, the sniper balcony has been removed, the ground at the right door has been raised and cover has been added there
    • Blue team's right path to D is now simpler
    • The chokepoint at...
  2. Big changes to control point C

    • Big parts of control point C have been completely remade
    • The paths to control point D have been remade
    • The building after B has a new side path inside it
    • The elevator moves a lot slower now
    • Blue spawn after control point B has been modified slightly
  3. Adjusted lighting and signs

    • The lighting of the map and some materials have been changed to make the outdoor areas less bright
    • Added signs to red spawn and control point D to make it clearer where all the control points are
    • Modified the elevator to make it less glitchy when the cart is rotating and players are touching the cart