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  1. Princess Birchly

    MVM Encounter Overlays Version 1.0

    Check out MVM Encounter here: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/encounter.13236/ Have you ever wanted to make a map that takes place in a Gray Mann base? No? Oh well, here's all of the signs I made for MVM's first reverse exclusive map, MVM Encounter. This pack contains: .BSP Logo (2 colours) x5...
  2. Stack Man

    Control Point Elevator (Matches Cap Progress) a3

    A control point elevator that moves upward, matching the progress of the capture at all times. The entity trigger_timer_door is not used as it does not allow variable cap rates, does not account for capture blocking, and greatly increases capture decay rate. Instead, this prefab manually sets...
  3. Stack Man

    adctf_stackman a1a

    My first attempt at adctf. The flag is in a forward hold building, and the capture zone is on an elevator the moves downwards as it is capped.
  4. Stack Man

    PLR Cart Elevator Prefab A3b

    A cleaned up and ready-to-copy cart elevator as seen on plr_hightower. Also includes a mid-track elevator. Notes: The prefab is set up to allow a team_train_watcher to handle rollfoward and rollback zones using only flags, so no manual outputs are needed. As a result, there are two...
  5. wolfcl0ck

    Wellevator 2021-08-04

    Well used to have an elevator. Now it does again! Hurray.
  6. Person Meetup

    pl_elevation A1

    Design concept drafted up for Straight to the Core
  7. Stiffy360

    plr_shaft a3b

    plr_shaft is a unique payload race map. Instead of a normal track, the teams have to push a large drill down a vertical shafte to the bottom. There is a large amount of verticality in this map with two main levels. The upper area, and the lower underground space. You can easily traverse these...
  8. Red Phial

    Jerinktopian Stardestroyer 0

    RED and BLU team fight over a very powerful, very fast, and very valuable alien space ship during the STARWARS™ Clone Wars™ era. An introduction video covers the role of RED and BLU in more detail. Fight over the control room as RED or BLU team to defend or capture the Jerinktopian...
  9. pasqually

    Moving KOTH Control Point Help

    Hello, all. I'm very new to Hammer and mapping in general (and I know that trying to run before I can crawl is not the best idea) but I'm trying to do some testing on an idea that I had- a Control Point that raises while you cap it and drops back to a base position when you don't. (Once it...
  10. samjooma

    pl_descend a4

    A payload map with 4 control points. When blue team captures control point A, the cart is lowered into a cave with an elevator. Blue spawn: Control point A: Path from blue spawn into the cave: The cave between A and B: Control point B: Path to control point C: Control...
  11. Cynder loves Portal

    elevator with windows A1

    Just an elevator... Nothing more nothing less. One prefab for blue and one for red. You can operate the elevator by the console: (Red button is the emergency stop) or the panels by the doors. View from the front towards the console:
  12. Cynder loves Portal

    High security elevator area A1

    The file contains an example map, prefabs for red and blue base. The prefabs for the red and blue base do not include lighting. All screenshots are taken from the example map:
  13. Atasco

    Making an televeportalationalizer

    Okay, so, I realize it sounds like a joke, but I'm trying to make a multiplayer friendly elevator. I have how it works 100% in my head, but I have NO idea how to transfer that to hammer. Here's my process: Because actual vertical moving platforms in Source are............... Problematic, for...
  14. Kube

    Elevator Capture Point Prefab 2017-07-10

    Originally used in cp_blizzard, uploaded with permission of collab partner. Free to use, for free, without permission. If you wish to credit anyone, credit @PyroDevil and @KubeKing. This prefab expands upon an A/D capture point setup originally found in the Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack. This...
  15. Cynder loves Portal

    elevator problem

    How do make an free falling elevator in hammer?
  16. Cynder loves Portal

    72hr Mall Elevator A1

    This is a mall cargo elevator. I made it for the 72 hour jam. Sorry for no screenshot due I forgot to copy it to the pen drive I had my prefab on.
  17. Cynder loves Portal

    Elevator Textures A3

    these will make your elevators more realistic! These are from my underground_dock_A9 map!