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In this update I fully re-textured everything and added another building around the second-to-last point and added some walls to interfere with what were overpowered sight-lines previously, I added a flanking tunnel and made blu's spawn corridors wider. I also added scaffolding around the final point for more vertical gameplay.

20181219142904_1.jpg 20181219142944_1.jpg 20181219142956_1.jpg 20181219143003_1.jpg 20181219143017_1.jpg 20181219143100_1.jpg 20181219143115_1.jpg 20181219143153_1.jpg 20181219143212_1.jpg 20181219143228_1.jpg 20181219143238_1.jpg
the correct version of my original post with a .bsp file instead of a .vmf and renamed to a1 as rc1 was incorrect.