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  1. MisterMaker_71

    Dirtrock a1

    Dirtrock is my first map and is a desert theamed map where BLU pushes the cart throu buildings and over briges.
  2. Lupe #savetf2

    Cp_storage 1.0

    My first Cp map and in my opinion the best map i have ever made. Cp_storage take place in a Mann Co. storage how have been dominated by the Red Team, and now the Blue team have to take it back. The fight take place in 2 different areas, the first point being in a large open area, and the...
  3. krizej

    td_longest_yard a1

    Longest Yard is a deathmatch map. I wanted to make it FFA, but TF2's friendly fire system is broken so it is team deathmatch. Deal with it. It is made using dev textures, I quite like how it looks that way - the gray tiles fit the space vibe pretty well (although I should have used some more...
  4. octodoodle

    pl_Cabinwood a2

    This is my first payload map and my second map ever, it is set in a mountainous environment and has areas inspired greatly by many of the maps currently in TF2 so hopefully it plays okay, any feedback is greatly appreciated as I am no where near done with this map.
  5. Tiny Wibel Horse

    Target A1

    2 days worth of work to quickly remake the Walmart map from a good server Alpaca Pizza Party