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Asym2 pl_adamantium A3

Because a horizontal payload map is too mainstream.

For the Asymmetric Boogaloo contest (Trust me, this is asymmetrical).

This is a pretty simple map where BLU's objective is to carry the payload up BUT they figured it would be faster to send it directly up instead of carefully pushing it up the ramps.

Trust me, demomen and soldiers shouldn't be overpowered in this map.

Here, have a video showcasing it (terrible choreography but it should still show things clearly):

Koiti Hirose | trade.tf
First release
Last update

Latest updates

  1. A3 - Large Center change and others

    Here are all the changes to the map: Center now has doors that open after the payload passes certain points. Center now also has some void areas connecting the higher up areas to the lower areas. The surface floor now extends towards the center...
  2. Graphical Overhaul

    This is mainly a texture and lighting overhaul update because in my opinion, the previous one was not that great in general graphically. Also, since I finally have more free time for myself, I can update this more frequently and even let y'all...

Latest reviews

can you remake this map because soldiers can spam down the cart