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  1. Aquadango

    Veemo a2

    Veemo has a focus on verticality through routing and high surfaces.
  2. Piesofthesky

    Boxes A10

    koth_boxes This is my first attempt at creating a more serious map. I wanted to resist my urge to make crazy off-the-grid brushwork and focus on the basics, which gave me the idea to make much of my map from cargo containers. The containers in this map do not use the cargo container props, but...
  3. Dommler

    sd_sherman b1 sd_sherman features: - a vertical special delivery map - changing paths depending on the australium beeing picked up or returning to the dropsite what is new: - new rocket model - different rocket animation - added textures what are...
  4. x d d d d d d d

    Waterfront A2.2

    I tried to make this map pretty enclosed in and vertical, i'm not 100% happy with how it came out but if it's somewhat fun i'll keep on improving/changing the map. I didn't take much inspiration from anything, i just made a rough sketch of a map, said "this is too flat" and made it more...
  5. Stiffy360

    plr_shaft a3b

    plr_shaft is a unique payload race map. Instead of a normal track, the teams have to push a large drill down a vertical shafte to the bottom. There is a large amount of verticality in this map with two main levels. The upper area, and the lower underground space. You can easily traverse these...
  6. The Juicy Taco

    IGAD A7

    this is my first map to release, it's a koth map i later hope to expand upon to make a 5cp map. the map has a lot of verticallity which makes it fun for soldiers, demomen and scout alike. it also has some sniper spots, corridors for flaking and other knickknacks to balance every class. please...
  7. Sizifus

    Cliffhanger Alpha 12

    Vertical fun with a deadly abyss and equally deadly trains. After 7 years in development, the map is... Still in development. This has been the fifth time the map has been redesigned and hopefully, it will the last. The map contains multiple entry and exit paths and a big open area with three...
  8. AliDances

    TickyTower 2018-02-04

    Vertical 5 control points map. Very close-quarters, fast-paced, and Action-PACKED. The tower is surrounded by a parking lot DEATHPIT, so beware of pyros. P.S. If you like stairs, then this is the map for you.
  9. OracleForms11g

    [Poll] Unique CP flow

    So, basically, I've started making a somewhat "competitive friendly" CP map: The whole stitch is that the map is vertical rather than horizontal. (in other words, a jumper's paradise) I've been wondering on how I could make players move a lot and get use to all of that vertical space. I've...
  10. samjooma

    elevatormadness (april fools map) a2

    This might look like a regular KOTH map at first, but weird thing start happening soon after the round starts. Made for april fools day.
  11. K

    Asym2 pl_adamantium A3

    For the Asymmetric Boogaloo contest (Trust me, this is asymmetrical). This is a pretty simple map where BLU's objective is to carry the payload up BUT they figured it would be faster to send it directly up instead of carefully pushing it up the ramps. Trust me, demomen and soldiers shouldn't...
  12. Gatorix

    koth_canyon (wip) a4

    FIRST MAP :D A koth map with an emphasis on vertical fighting. Uses the viaduct formula, but utilizes many alternate paths. Uses dropdowns. Orange dev is meant to represent areas I plan on making inaccessible. Known issues: -Engie is pretty strong once a sentry is placed around the point...
  13. wolfiejo

    templefall a1

    I'm just getting back into mapping after a 4 year absence or so and wanted initial feedback on this very very early alpha. I'm trying to see if playability is good before doing much detail, since that was my problem in the past (I'd make super detailed maps that were crap to play on hah.) If...