Trailblazer A2

Trailblazer pt.2: Its Back!

  1. Necrσ
    A complete remake of my previous summer jam map

    After the end of the last jam, I set about trying to improve the map but I quickly realized that I would be better off to just start again from scratch. The original idea for the map was to make it 5cp but during the jam, it was changed to 3cp due to time constraints. This remake features the full 5cp experience, while still taking inspiration from the original map.

    You can still check out the original map here


    1. cp_trailblazer_a20005.jpg
    2. cp_trailblazer_a20004.jpg
    3. cp_trailblazer_a20003.jpg
    4. cp_trailblazer_a20002.jpg
    5. cp_trailblazer_a20001.jpg
    6. cp_trailblazer_a20000.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Updated to A2