PD Aapeli Tropical A3

Set in a tropical cargo center, the teams have to load their ships with as much loot as possible!

  1. Take the flank and don't hold mid in A3

    This update should nerf people holding the capture point and encourage more people to take the flank.
    • The large door on the point now closes when the deposit zone isn't active
    • Removed metal pickup from point
    • Made the point a no-build zone
    • Added a capture point sign above the point
    • Moved the one-way doors in the upper flank back to prevent camping behind the other side of the door and killing unsuspecting players when they walk by
    • Made the window next to the one-way...
  2. The big fixes coming in for A2!

    Alpha 1 was definitely something. Here's the biggest changes to A2

    • Widened the outer route
    • Added a 3rd entrance to the deposit building
    • Added walls on the outer route to block sightlines and support the stairs up to the deposit building
    • Added a new upper floor to the buildings that connect spawn to the battlements with 1-way doors
    • Turned a simple square building into a 2-story one with stairs inside and a bridge to the new upper floor areas
    • Water is no longer deadly...