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  1. Poiskaïoshin

    wrecked_beach B1

    In this special ctf map you'll have to bring the 3 enemy flags to your capture point.
  2. Piesofthesky

    Boxes A10

    koth_boxes This is my first attempt at creating a more serious map. I wanted to resist my urge to make crazy off-the-grid brushwork and focus on the basics, which gave me the idea to make much of my map from cargo containers. The containers in this map do not use the cargo container props, but...
  3. Aapelikaeki

    PD Aapeli Tropical A3

    A player destruction map set in a tropical cargo center. The teams will have to collect as much loot as possible and load it onto their ships using a conveyor belt. Unfortunately both conveyor belts are located in the same room and the power keeps cutting out. Developed for the Back to basics...
  4. True lemon

    koth_shared_yard beta 3.1

    honestly, i already can hear the complaints. i dont really care, this is one of my first maps and i am going to be making MUCH better maps soon, learning and all that.
  5. AsG_Alligator

    Hopper Traincar v1

    An open-top hopper car for transporting loose material. Comes with 2 skins, and no material inside. Use displacements to fill it with desired gravel/dirt/whatever other material you wish to use. I recommend creating a playerclip box around the traincar if used in gameplay space as those thin...
  6. Mathyaz

    Empty Hallways (koth_wharfcrane)

    One of the things I got for feedback from the gameday on 3/20 was that the map felt really, really large. I considered that something I knew already since I had only built the layout. I hadn't got much criticism other than that and that the map felt empty. So, the majority of the stuff I've been...
  7. C

    Model A complete cargo_ship_skybox

    So there's this funky model called props_granary\cargo_ship_skybox.mdl The problem is that Valve only intended for it to be viewable at ground level from one direction. Would someone please consider editing the model and just filling in the missing parts of the model and putting in a...