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Re-enabled clipping
  • Redid 1st stage-last entirely
  • Added cover to 1st stage, increased texture scale to hopefully make the area less noisy
  • Various changes to 3rd stage
  • More minor tweaks and changes, some I can't remember
  • BRAND NEW FIRST STAGE. The map is now 3 stages.
  • Changed last on the castle stage (now stage 2)
  • Massive layout changes on stage 3
  • Various minor changes
  • Added doors to stage 1 that auto open when the cart passes a certain point.
  • Added a new route with a dropdown and prop jump to compensate for said door.
  • Extended stage 1 last.
  • Minor detailing changes to stage 1.
  • Added elevators to stage 2 that take some time to complete. This should break winning roll momentum and give the losing team time to catch up.
  • Other minor changes.
  • Removed healing/ammo from cart and extended its push range
  • Buffed the caber (Explosive damage vulnerability is now doubled when pushing the cart)
  • Extended rollback zone on last
  • Adjusted clipping on trimp rocks
  • Various minor tweaks
  • Added the king
  • Various minor gamemode tweaks
  • Extended both final rollbacks by 64 HU
  • Adjusted spawn times for attackers when their cart nears the end on Stage 2
  • Replaced trees on Stage 2 with smaller, less-intrusive, ones
  • Added funny FB round secret
  • Minor detailing
  • Added stage warps to Stage 1 from Stage 2.
  • Redid a good majority of stage 2
  • Added more rollback zones on stage 1
  • Covered most open windows with glass
  • Reduced spawn times drastically (Risky change, curious to see how it will play out)
  • Minor detailing work, primarily adding more trims to the castle


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