microcontest 18

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  1. pont

    tc_pont_mc18 a1

    i get half a completion punch for this because i made an ENTIRE FUCKING TC MAP almost within 24 hours. all the geo and about half the logic. so close.
  2. Zepavil

    zepavil_mc18 a3

    My entry to Microcontest 18. Bring the Australium through enemy territory to power the generator!
  3. onra77

    arena_onra77_mc18 a1

    Submission for Microcontest 18 "Lockout" It's my first participation, so I could do pretty much any gamemode. I never did an arena map so I went the easy way and produced this.
  4. Tiftid

    plr_tiftid_mc18 _a1a

    A PLR map in the style of Pipeline stage 3, but with efforts to make it less spawncampy and more focused thanks to doors that only open once the cart passes a certain point. Also features the train finale from Banana Bay.
  5. norfolk

    Medieval Norfolk MC18 a7a

    A formerly 2-stage, now 3-stage medieval payload race map featuring a throne room and mysterious cave. Push giant team-colored steaks to victory!! Discover the crazy secrets of this map I made in a concerningly short amount of time (by my standards)! Cart Model Used...
  6. 14bit

    14bit MC18 A1

    After years of thinking, I finally managed to come up with a layout for an SD map that isn't just Doomsday Again. I also did that thing where there's low buildings with accessible roofs again that I've been doing recently. idk I just think it's neat. Probably too small.
  7. B!scuit

    bikkie mc18 a1

    Arena map for Microcontest #18
  8. 14bit

    Microcontest #18: Lockout

    Welcome to Microcontest 18: Lockout We're detecting dangerously high levels of mapping energy, so today we're enacting some special new safety procedures. To comply with these new standards to ensure we don't overload the systems, you've all been completely locked out of working with any...