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  1. B!scuit

    bikkie mc24 a1a

    For Microcontest #24 Took me until 5:30 am to finish. Microcontest ended at 1:00 am /; Compile took another hour w/ fast vis... Prompts: A1 had everything but rideable trains. Moved to A1A just in case I broke everything. .nav is packed into the .bsp Thanks: worMatty's RD logic prefab...
  2. Tiftid

    cp_tiftid_mc24 _a1

    A multi-stage A/D map set in a dark city that may or may not resemble koth_king depending on your outlook. The second stage has only one point. The initial plan was "BLU attacks A and B, then in Stage 2 they attack B from another angle and attack C", but C never got made. This is very...
  3. Paper Shadow

    PaperShadow MC24 a2

    Single Stage Payload In A Z With A Diagonal Building (because technically, Tug of War is payload). Push the cart (ominous floating barrel) to the end of the Z-shaped track (vaguely Z-shaped track) to win (achieve victory for you and any teammates)... The wish achieves the following prompts: 1A...
  4. Dasprucegoose

    cp_dasprucegoose_mc24_a1 a1

    Prompt: Prompt from Brushwagg Connoisseur
  5. Funnystuf

    plr_funnystuf_mc24 a1

  6. Tang

    plr_tang_mc24 a1

    Entry for Microcontest 24 - Two Wishes
  7. SuperLuxDeluxe

    luxdeluxe mc24 mc24_a1

    Made for Microcontest 24: Two Wishes Arena in an island ice cave idk have fun with swimming and slipping on ice lol Prompts: Mode 1: Cp Description 1: Have a point in a cave you need to swim through water to get to (Players have to swim through water to get to the point at least once. the...
  8. 14bit

    Microcontest #24: Two Wishes

    Welcome to Microcontest 24: Two Wishes Name: Two Wishes Difficulty: N/A Time Limit: One Week to sign up, 24 Hours to map Prompt: Soon, you'll be playing the role of a Jinn, and either granting other's wishes for maps or twisting them into something unexpected. But first, you must make your...
  9. Aulli

    Mainframe a2

    Made for MC23 https://tf2maps.net/threads/microcontest-23-timer-attack.48294/
  10. pont

    ctf_pont_mc23_a1 a1

    made the logic at 1am, went to bed, then had about like two and a half ish hours for the layout lmao this will play terribly
  11. B!scuit

    cp_requiem A1

    Entry for MC23 "Timer Attack" Degroot Style 3CP A/D Built from koth_wasteland_a3 + a brand chunk of pl_campania I was working on for Spring Cleaning (I didn't even bother to remove the payload track) Took around 13 hours (tf_logic_cp_timer is pain) Custom Assets...
  12. Paper Shadow

    PaperShadow MC23 a1

    A Symmetrical 4CP Map, in Medieval Mode, in Space When a teams forward point gets capture, the final point is unlocked for 60 seconds. When the timer runs out, the forward point returns to its original team's ownership. While outside in Space, you can swim around as you would in water. You will...
  13. Tiftid

    cp_tiftid_mc23 _a1

    A DOMCP map set in the woods... kind of. I call it DOMCP because it has three control points along the map's line of symmetry, and owning all three at any given time will give you the W. But it's very nonstandard: 0) The teams roll out to each other's points. WIN: Cap the enemy point. Your...
  14. August101

    plr_august101_mc23 a2

    Using tf_logic_cp_timer to make a weird mix of koth and payload race.
  15. 14bit

    Microcontest #23: Timer Attack!

    Welcome to Microcontest 23: Timer Attack! Name: Timer Attack! Difficulty: 5/5 Time Limit: 24 Hours Prompt: Today's challenge is to create a map that uses at least one tf_logic_cp_timer entity. Unless you are just recreating DeGroot Keep's gamemode, this will require you to create a custom...
  16. Paper Shadow

    PaperShadow MC22 2022-08-14

    Make sure to set tf_grapplinghook_enable to 1, otherwise you will have a difficult time here in this surreal map. Capture the last point to win, and the middle point to reduce your team's respawn times!
  17. B!scuit

    export a1

    I slapped together a rough copy of a titanfall map and managed to keep it under 100 brushes
  18. Osac

    ARENA [MC22] Besieged

    Osac submitted a new resource: Besieged - An asymetrical arena map somewhat inspired by R6 and CS Read more about this resource...
  19. pont

    pont mc22 a1

    Microcontest 22: Solids is all about using as few brushes as possible. i took that personally. hold-the-flag arena. i couldnt get a bbox capzone working, brushless brush entities get stripped out by vbsp :( thanks squishy for helping out with some cordon material things. Legal shit, for...
  20. Squaggies

    Squaggies MC22 a1a

    pretty solid TURN ON GRAPPLE HOOKS