Nebulus A7b

The robots have breached the outer defenses! Time to hold the center!

  1. A7, but with some mission changes

    //-More mission changes

    //All sandman scouts mark for death, jumping Sandmans have crits

    //Wave 2-Fan Scouts changed to Jumping sandmans
    //Wave 5-Mine Layers spawn behind players now
  2. A7

    //Changelog A7

    //Added railing for the right upper spawn so only giants can shoot over it and removed the pillar
    //Added large health pack to the chokepoint near the rear of the map
    //changed small packs at the gate into medium ones, and moved them down so they have a bit of cover
    //moved rear left engie nest's teleporter to be in the important looking crate room
    //removed 1 way door at the front, replaced it with an opening doorway and also lowed the trigger for the hatch above so demos...
  3. Ab6-type 3

    fixed another mistake
  4. A6b-type 2

    added some mission changes
  5. A6b

    //Changelog A6b

    //Added a dynamic engienest on the bomb, and moved the rear nest's teleporter further away
    //Also swapped out bison spies with my grapple minelayer prototype
  6. Furtherpatched up missing icons

  7. Added the nav mesh

    that's it, it was missing
  8. A6-Much harder mission to push players back, and final version before B1?

    //Changelog A6

    //Map underwent a name change, forget to mention that previously!
    //added tutorial tidbit that triggers once during or after wave 2 that explains what losing A causes when you lose A
    //Tried to fix the Nav, again
    //added more ammo and health packs to the front, changed some others into larger forms
    //fixed floating tanks, hopefully
    //Added exit signs and upgrade signs where needed
    //added info_observer_point's, this is my first map to ever have them, yay!
    //added a few other...
  9. A5B

    Repacked the map this time
  10. A5, for posted for real this time!

    Read the previous post for the changes