Nebulus A5B

The robots have breached the outer defenses! Time to hold the center!

  1. A5B

    Repacked the map this time
  2. A5, for posted for real this time!

    Read the previous post for the changes
  3. A5-greetings from the new PC!

    //Changelog A4B/A5

    //Added some cosmetic things to the map
    //moved the boss's weapons behind a protective wall so the players can't destroy them before the wave starts
    //moved the spies to wave 3 and wave 7

    //Wave 3-altered the wave to make it harder, broke into 2.5 subwaves, the first subwave melee heavies have uber medics, bumped up the 2nd subwave direct hits to 6 from 4, added giant scouts to start of the 2nd subwave
    //Wave 5-Pain train demoknights are now properly part of the first...
  4. A4b

    Only really changed the final wave, and made a "real" boss this time
  5. A4

    //Changelog A4

    //Fixed nav blockers... I hope
    //added a flank route bots will take when the tank passes on the left side so the bots will avoid running behind the tank
    //moved the boxes on the right side further back so players have more time to bust the tank before the flank route is opened
    //Left upper spawn at front has been reworked
    //Tunnel spawns have been reworked, they teleport bots to the upper spawns when A is not capped
    //removed fences and replaced them with rails
    //Fixed the...
  6. A3b

    repacked the map
  7. A3

    //Changelog A3

    //Removed left over files from vicious vices in the zip file, whoops! Also removed the nav file as it's not needed.
    //Removed Chaos mode, after removing the gates it got a bit irrievent to keep and no one wants this anyways.
    //Removed gate A and changed areas where they used to be, made gate B into gate A.

    //Added crates to the rightside that the tank can run through and make a shortcut
    //added a backarea for the leftside that robots must take until the crates are broken...
  8. A2!

    I keep my change logs inside the featured mission pop file, they go as follows:

    //Changelog A2

    //--map changes
    //fixed a glitch/naming oversight that would make burning gatebots ignore gate B after gate A is capped
    //fixed chaos mode bugs with gatebots
    //capping gate A opens the small side doors for small bots to go through, but giants will still prefer take the long way unless they have the bomb
    //altered tank paths, they no longer go through a gate that can't be opened lol