72hr Naturefall reupload

My map made for Summer TF2Jam.

  1. BigBang1112
    I thought I'll do something pretty weird and retarded, but I just got a gamemode idea. So I use it for this map.
    Which team will pick australium first, that team will become offenders and the other team defenders. Offenders need to send the australium to the room next to their base.
    Pretty simple, hope even fun.

    I'll say few things. :D
    This map is unfinished. I had much more ideas to do, but 72 hours isn't enough for it it seems.
    It's unoptimized. Really, 1100 numportals is a lot, no doubts. :D Still I think it should run just fine.
    Design is quite bad, because I finished about 3 maps, 2 of them being "orange" style.

    TF2 map making is truly massive expirience anytime when creating something new. I had good fun making it, although at the end I wanted to have it finished. Doesn't matter. :D

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