Nethernight Event 1.0

A map positioned somewhere low.

  1. BigBang1112
    Hello everyone,
    after almost 2 years I'm back into making maps! I would call this like 3 days challenge. x) I realized halloween is coming, but it was already 26 October. So, it was quite intresting and very quick.
    Anyways if you're bored from the Halloween update that came up now, you can try this map just to battle with few friends. I included spells and skeletons (that will spawn after the checkpoint will be avaliable), but they might be too anoying, so I'll make a script of turning them off soon.

    Map Info:
    The map is basically a place in the ground. This place was built for a secret project, but everything messed up after some time. Now this place is used as a battling area.

    • Arena mode (and everything needed for that)
    • Halloween design
    • Halloween spells and skeleton spawn
    • Reflections
    • Navigation file (for skeleton movement)

    Simply, enjoy and have fun. I'll be insanely happy for every download. =)

    Direct Download: (if you dont want to support me in a future =c)

    01.png 02.png 03.png 04.png

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