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  1. Veliass

    A Tape Recorder model (also an artwork that took way too long) 2022-07-25

    Here is a model I made, and also a poster because why not... Always nice to take too long until 1 minute is left. Took some references, so the model isn't an exact copy of a real deck you could find on Ebay for $1,000. I don't plane to make it animated or have shinny lights right now.
  2. That1Yoshi

    Blitz72 a2b

    CTF Map for the 2022 72 Hour Summer Jam in honor of the last time I took part in 2018.
  3. Paper Shadow

    Pyro Loadout Render 1

    Learning Blender to make a render of my Pyro Loadout Uses hisanimations' TF2 Blender Port and TF2 Collection Map used is Exsmol by Yrr
  4. Zimennik

    Teufort Survivors 1.0

    Standalone game inspired by Vampire Survivors Let me introduce you to our game: Teufort Survivors! The goal of the game is to survive for 11 minutes while hordes of robots are running at you. Robots drop money for which you can buy or upgrade weapons. The game is made for Windows OS. We can...
  5. Jorolap

    cp_ladderwood72h alpha v2

    Wanted to go back into mapping and 72h pushed me back into it after 6 years. This map is only my second map and proper first map. The layout was changed from planning because else it became "to wide and to long" a rotation between A and B. Capture rate wasn't changed from gravilpit.
  6. Eve

    Facade a1a

    Facade is a MvM map made for the 72 Hr summer jam set on a false front farm. With your base hidden under a barn and silo, perfectly concealed if not for the giant bomb grade hatch installed directly above your spawn point. With the bots approaching quick you need to defend your spawnroom at all...
  7. Wendie

    koth_925 a3

    Compact koth map that takes place in a office complex. Comes with a giant glass pillar in the middle for all your cover needs.
  8. andry-onepece

    My second entry 2021-12-20

    Hey I also gave Gmod a try! I tried my best. I know the lighting is bad and the scout's projectile is weird but I had problem fixing those so I tried to fix them the way I knew how. Here's some other VERY slightly different thumbnails. AND HERE IS THE REALLY CURSED SHIT
  9. SreDver

    koth_rilsk A1

    Another koth map from lazy creator :D I will try to continue this map Map is located in Norilsk. 4small ammo 2medium helthkit 2small helthkit Credit: Idolon https://tf2maps.net/downloads/radiator.5886/ ======= Jusa https://tf2maps.net/downloads/soviet-signs-from-kalinka.5420/ ======= boomsta...
  10. Emil_Rusboi

    Deeprock a1

    Contributors: Catfish - custom particles Leezo - logic and such I am gonna update this later loool
  11. KSP_1.2.2.exe

    arena_mars Version 1.1

    // Just packing custom content // TL;DR: I seriously overestimated what I can do in 72 hours and underestimated what I can do in 3 hours. This isn't just my first 72Hr Jam this is also the first map I built from the ground up. This map somehow includes: A custom Skybox by me. Most glass...
  12. TheRealVT97

    Payload Goodwater 2020-09-06

    Don't you love when you're playing a nice TF2 match and suddenly you spot a friendly doing nothing?
  13. HeroWolfMod

    Food Wars 2020-09-06

    RED Apples invaded Banana Bay. Literally. A train will welcome the sniper to his own spawn room in a bit!
  14. Aapelikaeki

    Lukewarm Garbage: A 72h map that I for some reason made A1

    I dont even like this layout dont download this also never make a 2-stage map for 72h please thank u
  15. HeroWolfMod

    Friendly Fire Logic 2019-08-05

    Engineer saves Soldier from a enemy Spy by applying our beloved game's logic with collisions.
  16. onra77

    5 spray paints posters 2019-08-05

    The download is a zip archive containing the 5 posters in .tga format. The post body contains the .png files Hi ! This year for the 72hr jam, I planned to make 10 posters ! I didn't like the last two, I realized number 2 and number 7 were the same, and I were doing to much things outside of the...
  17. Bendy

    Vita saw fanart 2019-08-05

    Vita saw fanart
  18. Ronald_D_D

    The Scout: !@#$%es LOVE Cannons! SFM [72hr TF2 Jam 2019]

    Here's my entry: Screenshots:
  19. Cindycomma

    Hell Well A6

    have you ever wanted to steal a spectral gargoyle from someone and throw it into a well that leads you straight to damnation? Probably, that's where this map comes in. This is my entry in the 2019 TF2Maps 72hr Jam Hell Well is a Player Destruction map set in a haunted hydroelectric plant...
  20. Live4Fun7369

    Once Upon a Time... In Teufort 2019-08-04

    TF2 72H Summer Jam Entry Software used:Source Film Maker Gimp Paint Feel free to check out the movie poster that its based on: Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood