Shalldown Event A1_2

Domination CP map with open field, for the upcoming Halloween.

  1. BigBang1112

    So I started to make this map this Saturday I think, and this is its current state.
    The map has the Event suffix, as I might remake this map for a normal environment I don't know. Better to have it there.

    So, after few days, the map is actually kind of playable now. That's why I'm posting this download now, so I can know a bit more.

    A lot of struggling to avoid op spots for sentries and snipers, an open field map is hard for sniper balancing. :/ But I think it should be just OK now.

    This map is Domination CP with additional Merasmus at the end - so the points will lock after a team win or timer end to prevent capping when fighting Merasmus.
    I'm aware of a gameplay bug - cp keeps capping after it's locked.
    Also, the map results stalemate if the time runs out, even though the red has more checkpoints than blue for example. Should I do math comparing of checkpoints, would be that less confusing?

    I hope the map isn't actually too confusing. A lot of bridges, base having quite a lot of doors... If you have any ideas, I appreciate it of course!

    Also, the hole in the A will have a feature of healing for 30 seconds every 150 seconds, something like Helltower has.


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