class icons

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  1. Anastasiya Shtrauzer

    Choose your best man 2022-07-24

    I'm not very good at Photoshop, but I tried, I hope at least one person uses an avatar my steam -
  2. Dr. Orange

    Model (Request) Class emblem holograms.

    I'm making a training map for the 72 hour jam, and I plan to let the player choose which class to play as by walking into a portal. For this I need a modeled emblem, like the selection icon for random class, to represent the choices. I only really need it with a blue skin, but it would probably...
  3. Gadget

    MVM Class Icons V1

    (I'm uploading this package on behalf of Hydrogen.) This work can be freely used as a part of any non-commercial (non-profit) project. You may reproduce or reupload the contents of this work anywhere (another website, your fastdl, etc). Attribution/acknowledgement is appreciated but not...