MvM Barren final2

Now doesn't lack cacti.

  1. Final final final release

    I swear this is the final version of the map.

    -Fixed an issue where if the tank dropped the bomb, it'd take up to 4 seconds before the bots actually won. Often resulting in weird interactions when the tank deployed the bomb and was the last entity alive in the wave, but still managed to be destroyed in those 4 seconds.
    -Added more relays for mission makers to toy with. These include:
    • wave_start_relay: for regular Invasion MvM.
    • wave_start_relay_ironman: for Endurance MvM...
  2. Final final release

    -Fixed being able to build on the conveyor belt in the middle of the map.
    -Updated some details on the map.
  3. Download fix

    Fixed download
  4. Final release

    Barren is finally fully finished

    -Added more detail.
    -Refined some building textures.
    -Remade left route to not be a clone of the right route.
    -Added an expert mission called Barren Barrage.
    -Opened up 3d skybox.
    -Removed the bus because of an error I couldn't seem to fix, if there is something that still needs adressing in the map, I might re-add it.
  5. Workshop Release

  6. Stuff

    Quite some changes from B4A to RC3.

    Changes include:
    -Added a bit of high ground for the mercs at spawn area.
    -Spawn area is now much more open.
    -Some changes to placement of health kits and ammo packs.
    -Opened some doorways so that you're less likely to be crushed by tank.
    -Changed some of the aesthetics around the map so that it isn't really a Badlands clone anymore. Although one particular foundation might get reverted back to its previous state in the next version since I'm not really...
  7. Popfile changes

    Some slight adjustments to normal and advanced.
  8. Something

    Slight adjustments to advanced mission.
  9. Getting there

    Changes include:
    -Added 3 more missions (another normal, intermediate and advanced)
    -Changed a couple of values in the first normal mission
    -Changed the stairs to the balcony
    -Added more detail to hatch area, red spawn and tunnel route
    -Improved bot navigation
    -Added 3d skybox
    -And some other unimportant stuff
  10. Fixed crashing

    -Fixed several brushes causing some servers to crash
    -Fixed getting stuck behind truck at bot spawn.
    -Fixed being able to build on top of the rock at bot spawn.
    -Fixed bots being a bit jerky around the wooden ramps at bot spawn.