MvM Barren

MvM Barren final2

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First release
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Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. Final final final release

    I swear this is the final version of the map. -Fixed an issue where if the tank dropped the bomb, it'd take up to 4 seconds before the bots actually won. Often resulting in weird interactions when the tank deployed the bomb and was the last...
  2. Final final release

    -Fixed being able to build on the conveyor belt in the middle of the map. -Updated some details on the map.
  3. Download fix

    Fixed download

Latest reviews

I played this a while ago and liked it a lot for the challenge.
This is a favorite on my friend's server. It is completely tested and selected by our team. It was a good build from the very beginning with textures, customized bot leaderboards fully loaded
and no missing texures. It is challenging and fun on all of it's nav levels. Trust me.