MountainTop_Blast A4

Capture the point inside the building, oh and don't fall off the mountain.

  1. Alpha 4: Rebuilt From Scratch Edition

    Changelog for Alpha 4:
    The map has been completely rebuilt.

    Adjustments have been made to the Center Building, such as the ramps, a small deck on the second floor, and the tunnels now have a new way out.

    New spawn area for both teams.

    The area between the spawns and Center Building is now bigger.

    Walls have been added near the tunnels of the spawn area to reduce slight lines.

    20190821160139_1.jpg 20190821160154_1.jpg 20190821160209_1.jpg 20190821160232_1.jpg ...
  2. We've Entered Alpha 3!


    The size of both spawns have been increased.

    The area between the spawns and the center building have been increased.

    Textures for the ground have been added.

    The area outside spawn now has displacement.

    Skybox size increased, and now uses the sky_goldrush_01 skybox to match the lighting environment.

    As per suggestion, two new ramps have been added to enter high ground in the CP building, as well as a new entrance.

    Eight working doors have been added to most of the center...
  3. Updated 8/14/2019


    Added new Health and Ammo pack locations, and adjusted existing ones.