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MountainTop_Blast A4

Capture the point inside the building, oh and don't fall off the mountain.

Your goal is to capture the point inside the big building in the center of the map. But be careful, cause any wrong move outside could lead you to a nasty fall to your death.

My first KOTH map, and map in general.
The map's layout is loosely inspired by Offblast, one of my favorite arena maps.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4: Rebuilt From Scratch Edition

    Changelog for Alpha 4: The map has been completely rebuilt. Adjustments have been made to the Center Building, such as the ramps, a small deck on the second floor, and the tunnels now have a new way out. New spawn area for both teams. The area...
  2. We've Entered Alpha 3!

    Changelog: The size of both spawns have been increased. The area between the spawns and the center building have been increased. Textures for the ground have been added. The area outside spawn now has displacement. Skybox size increased, and...
  3. Updated 8/14/2019

    Changes: Added new Health and Ammo pack locations, and adjusted existing ones.