Morro A3b

Battle your way through an El Morro mining facility to destroy RED's refinement plant

  1. The Defenders Strike Back

    + Moved the A bridge back and added cover to the battlements to remove a sightline to BLU's spawn
    + Gave RED the high ground overlooking Point B
    + Split RED and BLU's forward spawns, hopefully to give RED team a better chance at defending Point B
    - Almost entirely redesigned the C area to help RED team defend Point C

    Small Fixes:

    + Added more pickups around the map
    + Brightened up some areas
    + Improved the map's optimization
  2. The Attacker's Update

    + Added more pickups around A
    + Added cover blocking site-lines from BLU Spawn to A
    + Widened the mines from A to B
    + Added cover to the upper mine route
    + Changed the positioning of many areas in the C Refinery with the aim of making it easier to defend

    Small Fixes:
    + Improved a lot of clipping issues
    + Changed the respawn times, namely when A is captured
    + Added missing pickup paint patches
    + Fixed some small lighting areas around C
    + The Announcer has returned from...