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  1. Hombzy

    pl_cragharbor a1

    Welcome to Cragharbor! A windy and wet Payload-map set on a rocky coast. Blu is trying to push the cart from their harbour across the coast, through a tunnel all the way into the heart of the Red harbour. The 1st section of the map, leading up to point A, contains 2 gates which will open as...
  2. Waugh101

    Morro A3b

    BLU fights there way into a RED mining facility near El Morro, attempting to capture the Shipping and Receiving, Storage, and Refinery along the way. For my second A/D map, I've decided to keep it simple. The map is made in a classic Dustbowl theme; a lot of the areas are inspired by official...
  3. .zip

    Fuzba a2a

    This is the first map for which I am not ashamed, I hope this map will last at this forum for a long time.