Moosetrain a7a

This map has trains in it, and probably no moose.

  1. Alpha 7a

    Dr. Orange
    * Made trains faster.
    * Changed the final control point.
  2. Alpha 7

    Dr. Orange
    * Raised entire final control point area by 256 hammer units.
    * Final control point should now be more easily defendable.
    + Added a house opposite of the second control point.
    + Added rocks around the cliff area at the second control point.
    cp_moosetrain_a70006.jpg cp_moosetrain_a70005.jpg
  3. Alpha 6

    Dr. Orange
    * Changed middle route between the final and second points to have two smaller exits towards the second point, and one larger exit to the final point.
    + Added one-way door to one of the defenders' entrance's to the garage route to make the final point more easy to defend.
    * Changed high-ground route between final and second points to have two exits towards second.
    * Fixed respawn times?...
  4. Alpha 5

    Dr. Orange
    + Added glass windows to some walls.
    * Changed connector between second and last points.
    * Modified respawn wave times.
    + Bzzzt, buzz, bsst, kzz-zzzt.
  5. Alpha 4

    Dr. Orange
    + Re-added doors between second and final points.
    + Added clip brushes to smooth cliff paths up to the mid point.
    * Changed path to the right of spawn at final points.
    * Widened highground path between last and second points.
    * Fixed magical gravity defying barrel from floating in mid-air.
    * Rescheduled trains.
  6. Alpha 3a

    Dr. Orange
    - Removed leftover setup gate.
  7. Alpha 3

    Dr. Orange
    - Removed setup time.
    * Changed the middle entrance into last.
    - Removed doors between second and last points.
    * Fixed a missing clip brush.
    * Improved train collision.
    * Made connectors wider and more spacious.
    - Reduced the amount of ammo and health in the map.
  8. Alpha 2

    Dr. Orange
    * Fixed visible nodraw surface.
    - Removed health kits from the mid-point bridges.
    * Demoted full health kit underneath mid-point to medium sized.
    * Lowered middle exit between mid and second to reduce sniper sightlines.
    * Reduced respawn times.
    * Fixed RED forward spawn door prop not being parented to the correct door brush.
    * Second point should now be more defendable.
    * Changed medium ammopacks near second point to small.
    +/* Added and changed a few routes between points.