72hr Metal Bridge Beams Preview (Reupload)

A bunch of metal beams and variations primarily for bridge constructions

  1. Gadget
    This is a work-in-progress package of various models that I'm using to construct a bridge in one of my maps. I would not recommend using them yet since there is nothing really final in the package so far and I'm most likely going to change the model origins, names and folders in the next release. I'm working on several other pieces and variations but unfortunately won't be able to actually make a nice, complete package before the 72HR jam ends.

    Included so far:

    • Beam 256
    • Beam 256 narrow
    • Beam 256 side only
    • Beam 512
    • Beam 512 narrow
    • Beam 512 side only

Recent Updates

  1. Uploaded again because of the server issues