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  1. Ðoge

    Variety of Wall Holes 2022-07-25

    Different holes with different materials made be me without custom stuff, only build in game materials and props. Use on any of your maps, credit or don't credit me, gonna leave it for your will. May enlarge collection in the future. P.S. ignore black rocks on some screenshots, it`s a problem of...
  2. Sandwich3000

    The only team they fear is Fortress 2022-07-22

    Обложка была сделана в студии Fl. Авторы: Juzzy Сэндвич3000
  3. Bakscratch

    security fence rail F

    Fences based on HL2 "props_wasteland/exterior_fence002" Comes in 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 To get -textureshadows to work, rename the mapsrc/YOURMAPNAMEHERE.rad to your map.
  4. Flareblood

    Surfacing A1

    i dunno man
  5. Z

    cp_fulljosh a6b

    I know that this map has already been uploaded by a different account, but I'm using my new account this time.
  6. ForceFul

    Harsh a4

    A small industrial place. You can suggest your ideas, or tell about bugs and problems!
  7. Invalid nick

    dewm - texture and decals pack rc1

    pack includes: 20 textures: concrete textures, blue, red, leaking top and sandy bottom metal textures, blue, red, yellow, white, gray, black some various textures, glass, lava, doorway lamp 15 decals: red and blue "logo" floor stripes, dotted, lined, yellow, white "capture point" hazard, fall...
  8. Crowbar

    Stripeless metal textures v2

    THESE ASSETS DO NOT REQUIRE CREDIT OR ATTRIBUTION ¹. Also, this download contains the misspelling "stripless" in various places. Please bear. TF2 has a bunch of cool metal walls. Most of them have these black bars everyone has probably seen. Some of these have a version without these bars, but...
  9. dryerlint

    Respect the Geneva Convention A1

    I've finished my first attempt at making an overlay. It's a metal sign reminding players not to commit war crimes. In case anyone wants them, here is the "clean" version: And the full SFM render: The VTF and VMT files should be placed in materials/signs Enjoy! Please let me know in...
  10. Gadget

    72hr Metal Bridge Beams Preview (Reupload)

    This is a work-in-progress package of various models that I'm using to construct a bridge in one of my maps. I would not recommend using them yet since there is nothing really final in the package so far and I'm most likely going to change the model origins, names and folders in the next...
  11. Snorremans

    ironplated 2016-05-17

    the main things I tried to accomplish with this map is to have an interesting center, this was done by using a lot of flanking routes and by giving the player access to quite a lot of higher ground p.s.this is the first map I've created so feedback would be very welcome please don't hold back...
  12. Crash

    imetal002b 2016-05-05

    imetal002b to go with imetal002 put in tf/materials