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Mercenary Park Asset Zoo 1

a Vmf Zoo consisting of models, textures, overlays, logic, and brushwork from mercenary park

This Asset Zoo is a library consisting of multiple aspects which are listed bellow (all of which are separated into separate sections in the Vmf)
-Textures and Overlays

-Every Model that is listed under the props_island sub category in the model browser
-Models with Any Available Skins have every one of their skins shown next to them
-Models that originate from mercenary park but aren't in props_island are also here (the signboards from 1st Blue Spawn for example)
-Models From Mercenary Park with Prop_Dynamic Versions are available (The Fan above 2nd Point, etc)
-Every Model is separated into separate smaller sections for Faster Model Copying
(ie all vegetation is together, all pipes are together etc.)

Textures and Overlays
-All Textures/Materials/Overlays are Available to look at and pick from
-Premade Water using both the Cheap and expensive variants are available
-All Skybox Textures are also Available

-Brushwork from Mercenary park is available to look at and gain inspiration from (All Brush work are unedited, made by valve)
-Brush work includes:
-All 3 Variations of the Monorail Transport lines (From Blue 1st Spawn, Red 1st Spawn and Red Last Spawn) with their Path Track Logic
-The Area Above Red Last
-the 1st Point Cat Walks
-Some Stair Cases and Ramps
-The Brush Made Air Vent and Fan around Red Last
-The Broken Window on Red Last
-The Shack Outside Blue 1st Spawn
-The Cage from Red 1st Spawn with
-The Visitor Center Glass with Player Clips and Block Bullet Brushes
-The Electric Fences with their Associated Player Clip Brushes
-The Crocodile Kill box with moving Crocodiles from 1st Point
-The Macaw From the Roof of Blue First Spawn with it's Info_Target Entity
-The Yeti Statue with Sign Board from Blue 1st Spawn that Yells at you with it's Trigger, Logic Relay and Ambient Generic
-+ Even More Brush Work Other than that listed

Nothing here was made by me, all was made by valve, i simply compiled all all these assets into one easy to read Vmf File, if there is anything i missed please comment bellow to let me know (I'm Pretty sure I got everything)

Hammer Gives you a Warning that some of the solids are invalid, idk these are all valve made so I don't know what the issue is, I haven't run into any problems using this
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