prop zoo

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  1. BiiigSip

    Mercenary Park Asset Zoo 1

    This Asset Zoo is a library consisting of multiple aspects which are listed bellow (all of which are separated into separate sections in the Vmf) -Models -Textures and Overlays -Brushwork Models -Every Model that is listed under the props_island sub category in the model browser -Models with...
  2. KrazyZark

    Snow covered prop pack V1

    I will eventually add more in an update, suggestions will be added to a list for the next bunch. Also comes with a vmf with all of the snow props and there counter parts. Have fun using them!
  3. JargonJC

    Track and Train Prop Zoo 2017-07-02

    I have created a prop zoo that has a lot of trains, tracks, and other railway transportation method's models. A lot of the trains in the background are custom content, some examples from various vehicle packs such as the Facepunch Vehicle Contest Pack or Frontline. If you have the custom...