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  1. BiiigSip

    Mercenary Park Asset Zoo 1

    This Asset Zoo is a library consisting of multiple aspects which are listed bellow (all of which are separated into separate sections in the Vmf) -Models -Textures and Overlays -Brushwork Models -Every Model that is listed under the props_island sub category in the model browser -Models with...
  2. Snevs

    Valveworld a1

    Valveworld is a payload map, celebrating three of Valves most loveable franchises. From Black Mesa to Aperture Science to Mercy Hospital rooftop. This is gonna be SHIT
  3. nesman

    Valve Artpass: The Lost Mountain Labs

    Back in 2010 there was a contest in which Valve gave the TF2M community a base map to artpass. Since then, most of those maps have been forgotten with the unique styling some of them used. Some of the maps had cubemap problems or were outright corrupted. I grabbed what I could. Enjoy. Two...
  4. Bill Shit

    MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES error on a decompiled map?

    I decompiled one of Valve's own maps to practice mapping on, but when attempting to compile, I receive the MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES error. I read that this could be caused by the original .bsp having split faces due to the VBSP, but there are existing edits of the same map. The map's information says...
  5. magmer

    Open Your Mind

    Open Your Mind! This is my first attempt at making a TF2 hat so don't expect much.
  6. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Model A lonely map-maker needs two models retextured

    The request is very simple. I mostly need two Valve models to be retextured. The first one is models/props_lights/lamp001.mdl. I want this model to be covered with grayish metal or concrete texture. I don't want wooden material. The texture should be a little bit brighter than the lamp...
  7. wadmodder1999

    Early TF2 map concept art, screenshots & sketches of official maps

    Have you guys ever seen the earliest map concept art, screenshots & sketches of official TF2 maps on the useful If you don't know what they look like here's these two links on what they look like with more or less detail...
  8. Sarcastic_Fantastic

    How was the outside/background of cp_dustbowl achieved?

    I'm new to mapping and currently building my first map. I wanted the spawn area to take place outside but the setting isn't completely suitable to surround the area with skyscrapers like in Kong King for example. I really like the effect on Dustbowl where it looks like the map is way bigger than...
  9. HeroWolfMod

    Reliable Excavation Demolition 2018-07-28

    Here's the main members, in my opinion, that make RED what it is! But if they are a demolition team, why do they defend? Simple: At the very last point of every A/D map they have something huge and extremely volatile ready to launch to somewhere in the world. We can safely say that BLU just...
  10. ScoutBonk444

    72hr Merc's Muffler 2017-02-13

  11. Left_4_Pillz

    72hr A Foolish Samurai Warrior 2017-02-12

    ...But a foolish Samurai Warrior, weilding a Half Zatoichi, stepped forth to oppose me...
  12. Kube

    "The Lab" - New Valve Title/Experience for the HTC Vive

    In a press email, Valve announced a new experience for the HTC Vive. Titled "The Lab," this free game will bring players back to an Aperture Laboratories pocket universe. More info to be revealed at GDC next week. Polygon article Email transcript: