Meme Machine RC 4

Kill enemies, collect fuel units, and deploy them at the fuel station to launch the rocket!

  1. Release Candidate 4

    This update focuses on fixing the crashes on the Linux servers (what TF2Maps has). If this doesn't fix them, then I'm almost sure I cant do anything more about it.
    -Removed the Deathpits and Octagon events, as their moving parts caused physics errors on Linux servers, which crashed them
    -Reduced the filesize​
    -Changed how the rocket explodes during the finally, and fixed some clipping issues with it
    -You can now swim over every building during the Pepsi Man event
    -The Illuminati now kills you on all sides of it instead of just the front, as players could run up behind it and get stuck in it.
    -Made more voice lines play during the Fresh Prince event
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