Meme Machine RC 4

Kill enemies, collect fuel units, and deploy them at the fuel station to launch the rocket!

  1. Release Candidate 2

    This update focuses on general bug fixes along with filling some suggestions:

    -Made meme events happen more often (now have a chance of 8 events playing instead of the previous 6)
    -This will hopefully help with being able to play all the events in a normal rotation time​
    -Disabled clip brushes on top of the fuel station during the Pepsi Man event
    -Added spectator cameras to the Grand Dads during the event
    -Added a prop jump to the side wooden platform near mid
    -Fixed players being able to get stuck in the fuel station doors when they close
    -Fixed an area near RED spawn where steam sale particles didn't appear, but you still took damage
    -Fixed some support beams having misaligned textures in both spawns
    -Fixed train sounds happening constantly (I really think I fixed it this time)
    -Changed BLU side's colors to be brighter and more blue
    -Changed some textures on RED side to be more red
    -During the Pepsi Man event; if you respawn you are now teleported to the area near mid because swimming there is super slow
    -Made the PD countdown not freeze on "29" during the finale

    (screenshots in overview tab)
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