Mannscape A16

Take your flag to various nipples.

  1. Alpha 16

    This is the part two of the big brainstorming update, this time focusing on A with the goal of making forward holding still somewhat effective but not as powerful as it used to be. Start of A is now much shorter, things have been made more open and routes have been adjusted.

  2. Alpha 15

    Various changes based on suggestions and brainstorming with Chin and Idolon, there are still more changes to come but right now my focus is on B. Once I feel like B is in a good place, I will focus on applying changes based on these suggestions to the rest of the map. (Also. hopefully displacements.)

  3. Alpha 14

    Various small changes and adjustments to further improve things.
  4. Alpha 13

    Demos have been watched, feedback has been written down, changes are now being made as I work on other stuff. This update does slight changes to A and some fairly major ones at B.


    - Fixed some clipping exploits.
    - Fixed a stuck spot.
    - Delay between new flag spawns now eight seconds instead of seven.


    - Reduced health and ammo around the shed at blue spawn.
    - Increase the size of the door out of the side building....
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  5. Alpha 12

  6. Alpha 11

    General fixes and tweaks, this is probably the contest version unless something happens.
  7. Alpha 10

    Alright, let's get through some of these changes, some of these happened in A9 but whatever.


    - Nobuilded the intel nipples.
    - Fixed a pixel walk.
    - Made the cave route at B brighter.
    - Made the area behind A brighter.
    - Made entirety of C brighter.


    - B is now 400 units less wider.
    - New B dropdown route.
    - New way up onto the B point.
    - 7/14 respawn wave times for red at B....
  8. Alpha 9

    Need to get this in an imp, B is smaller, respawn times are not fucked.

  9. Alpha 8

    Welcome to the cliff of death update, you're welcome Lo-Fi.


    B is playing surprisingly decently as of late, but one issue that has been constant is how safe red can feel when holding the area behind the point. I considered adding the old basement route back,...
  10. Alpha 7

    Still not entirely sure where to go with B, some people I ask like it, some people I ask don't. I am going to stick with it for now and this is another set of small changes to improve things.

    - More ammo all around the map.
    - B now gives 30 seconds of extra time upon cap.
    - Improved the prop jump.
    - No build the shed at B.
    - Improved things for spies at C.
    - Removed a sightline blocker at C.