Mannbase Alpha A11

The mercs go to space

  1. Big Boy Time

    Finally got some pugs going on this map and it helped me figure out the direction of the map. I'm feeling good. If you're feeling helpful some feedback on the map would be excellent, I'm pretty set on the layout of the map now, more about refining (hopefully).



    • Completely reworked.
    • Added better lighting and details etc


    • Added a fence on the spire.
    • Lowered walls in the choke.
    • Added a wall that crosses choke, nerfs soldier bombs.
    • Made the OOB feel more like a cliff face.
    • Lowered platform in the corner.


    • Changed position of health packs to help demos wanting to rollout faster (hopefully counters them dying early on middle)
    • Added small health pack near the exit to spire
    • Lower lobby opened up
    • Added third solar panel to stop hiding spot
    • Lowered walls to nerf soldier bombs
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