Lost Artpass_Timberghost Textures 1

here they are

  1. timberghost_paintball
    Textures originally Timberghost_Paintball for his Artpass Entry that were lost because of Site Business. Resurrected with permission of creator

    Decompile by @TAVRAX ; Relocation of textures from custom folder to appropriate arctic folders, creation of new tooltextures and re-upload by @RodionJenga .

    Zip folder includes:
    These Textures:
    Including concrete, metal, snow, ice, signs, some rubber tiles, fancy wood (also in the precipice pack) and the skybox.

    (Skybox renamed to sky_iceberg to avoid conflict with Microscopic's sky_arctic)

    Also includes the artpass entry bsp for seeing how these all went together!
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheFluffycart
    Version: 1
    All of the textures in this pack are really nice! Definitely going to use some of these due to how nice these are. Glad to see other textures for snow
  2. Anonymous
    Version: 1
    Champion content, I always use something from this pack.