Lost Artpass_Timberghost Textures 1

here they are

  1. timberghost_paintball
    Textures originally Timberghost_Paintball for his Artpass Entry that were lost because of Site Business. Resurrected with permission of creator

    Decompile by @TAVRAX ; Relocation of textures from custom folder to appropriate arctic folders, creation of new tooltextures and re-upload by @RodionJenga .

    Zip folder includes:
    These Textures:
    Including concrete, metal, snow, ice, signs, some rubber tiles, fancy wood (also in the precipice pack) and the skybox.

    (Skybox renamed to sky_iceberg to avoid conflict with Microscopic's sky_arctic)

    Also includes the artpass entry bsp for seeing how these all went together!
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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 1
    Champion content, I always use something from this pack.