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  1. Paper Shadow

    Art Pass Club

    Since the discovery of cement artists have desired to create building-sized art pieces to push the boundaries of their medium and show off in a very humble and modest way, but they have been shackled by the laws of land ownership with extravagant magnates and humble farmers alike prohibiting the...
  2. nesman

    Valve Artpass: The Lost Mountain Labs

    Back in 2010 there was a contest in which Valve gave the TF2M community a base map to artpass. Since then, most of those maps have been forgotten with the unique styling some of them used. Some of the maps had cubemap problems or were outright corrupted. I grabbed what I could. Enjoy. Two...
  3. Lo-fi Longcat

    Sinewycoast a1

    I'm pleased to finally be able to show what myself and @FloofCollie have been diligently working on for april fools! I present to you: Sinewycoast! Being the second in my series of Horrible Godawful Meat Hellscape versions of existing maps this map takes on good old snowcoast and turns it into...
  4. Randomaspland

    Ctf_4fort_artpass A1

    An artpassed version of 4fort with the GRN, YLW, RED and BLU bases, Sewers and canals. This is version one, please report any lighting issues or bugs. This will only work for team fortress 2 classic
  5. RC_Polygons

    Two Maps Artpass/Detaling, That Needs You.

    Hello there everybody. I need your help to finish off these two maps. These maps are done testings however they need to have detail put into them, so that is where you come in. The first map is named Chopper This map is base on the Mann Co displaying how they would create planks of woods and...
  6. Khuntza

    Art Pass Contest Entries 2010 2019-04-22

    It came up in converstation that the old archive link was broken and these files weren't available any longer. I had a copy of all the old entries sitting in my maps folder, so here they are for anyone who might be looking for them. It's a hefty download at just under 1.1gb and I'm hosting it...
  7. T

    Lost Artpass_Timberghost Textures 1

    Textures originally Timberghost_Paintball for his Artpass Entry that were lost because of Site Business. Resurrected with permission of creator Decompile by @TAVRAX ; Relocation of textures from custom folder to appropriate arctic folders, creation of new tooltextures and re-upload by...
  8. AlexCookie

    Harvest Alpine v3b

    Original creator - Sean "Heyo" Cutino Open for detailing and optimization feedback!
  9. mistertilapia

    Dev Texturing Tips?

    Hello all, I've tried to make a few maps but on each one I've had trouble refraining from doing art passes before the layout is proven. This is mainly due to the fact that my usual orange/gray dev textures are painful to look at and don't distinguish landscape and structures very well. I was...
  10. Chemical Alia

    Whark Arabian Market Props v1

    Whark Arabian Market Props A set of Arabian themed props made by the talented ChemicalAlia. Rehosted with permission. Repackaged and added a simple README. All credit and workshop attribution should be to Content List: maps/artpass_valvebase.bsp...