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Precipice Model Pack 1.0

Made by timberghost_paintball

  1. timberghost_paintball
    This is a collection of models from my map koth_precipice.

    Includes: misc stairs, railings, and windows, furniture and art, an elevator door, a ski life, a Saxton Hale billboard, various re-scaled tf models and more

    Anyone is welcome to use, modify and re-post, update, or include this file in a content pack.


    1. billboard_LkB.jpg
    2. blue_stairs_461.jpg
    3. chair_1HU.jpg
    4. coffee_table_V0l.jpg
    5. couches_5K6.jpg
    6. crest_V55.jpg
    7. desk_r46.jpg
    8. elevator_RKN.jpg