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  1. Zacco

    Twine (Stage 2) A4

    RED is hiding secrets beneath the ground north of the arctic circle, can BLU blow them up?
  2. Zacco

    Twine (Stage 1) A6

    RED is hiding secrets beneath the ground north of the arctic circle, can BLU blow them up?
  3. Cindycomma

    ARENA Crosstalk

    Cindycomma submitted a new resource: Cindyiscold - brrr! Read more about this resource...
  4. Cool_Username07

    Hi :)

    Although I just joined, I understand how this place works. Glad to finally have an account. I created this account to promote a revival of the Arctic Pack, so why not do it here? Feel free to add stuff idk you're all editor go bananas...
  5. NiallBTboy

    koth_deadwater a4m

    A koth map set in a Arctic oil drilling facility.
  6. Layla

    PolarPlant base decals 2020-08-01

    This is the logos I made for Waugh101's art pass of Sirc's PolarPlant map! Behold, RED's Polar Power and BLU's Arctic Energy! (VTFs and VMFs in the download!) In game shot: The logos on their own:
  7. Cindycomma

    Sleeping Fox Cutout Prop 4/29/20

    Nearly a year after my first attempt at making this cutout, here it is! This prop can be used just about anywhere you want to use it, just don't hurt them... The prop comes with 2 skins, red fox and arctic fox for all of your environmental needs. To use the prop, take the folder out of the...
  8. Scion

    cp_snowfield a6

    A large field of snow is the location for RED and BLU's antarctic bases, where they've found a way to plant crops and grow food. With this knowledge, both sides want to take as much of the continent as possible. Take the enemy's control points and show them who owns Antarctica!
  9. Diva Dan

    Diva Dan's Ice Pack v3

    Hi! I've made a pack that adds 16 new props and two new materials. Below is a quick overview. I hope you enjoy and find a use for these assets in your winter themed maps!
  10. T

    Lost Artpass_Timberghost Textures 1

    Textures originally Timberghost_Paintball for his Artpass Entry that were lost because of Site Business. Resurrected with permission of creator Decompile by @TAVRAX ; Relocation of textures from custom folder to appropriate arctic folders, creation of new tooltextures and re-upload by...
  11. RodionJenga

    Kiviak B1

    Logic/Wavewriting: @TAVRAX Geometry/Detailing: @RodionJenga Basic installation: put .bsp and .nav files in tf/maps, put .pop in tf/scripts/population, creating this folder if nescessary Current Popfile: -Custom Advanced Current Screenshots "Right" Route looking towards hatch Bot spawn area...
  12. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Deception A1

    Deception is a King of the Hill map with an arctic theme. It's my first actual TF2 map, hope you guys enjoy it. I did use custom assets, and the credits for them are completely going for the creators. I will make a proper credit list when i finish the map, though. In my first concepts, the map...
  13. AlexCookie

    Orange Air B4

    Revamped Orange in snowy theme.
  14. Viemärirotta

    72hr Karelia a7a

    5cp rotational map I did for the 72hr jam in 47 hours. It's set in a Finnish town in Karelia during the Winter War. I haven't really based the layout on any 5cp map, but I have taken inspiration from Shoreleave for the mid bridge.
  15. Mikroscopic

    Arctic Signs a3_reupload

    Made for the TF2Maps Arctic Content Pack.
  16. Mikroscopic

    Arctic Skyboxes a2

    After many hours of hard work, I finally learned how to properly make skyboxes. I'll probably make a few variations of this in the future. Don't quote me on that though.