Logwash rc5

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-changed detail so much
-added a little wall to the ramp highground
-added a new little highground on the way to spawn to lobby
-changed spawns
-fixed nodraw on spawns
-improved detail
- fixed some clipping
WE HAVE HIT BETA BABYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this mean the map is now pretty
-added clipping
-some little detail
-made a smoothie
-changed lighting
-added some little detail
-added wood chips
-added train
-some little detail
-removed the roof clipping near the hightground route
-added a new highground
-added log paths
-changed the middle route
-changed cap time from 12 to 7
-added the kitty room
-added a new way to get up to the highground
-added PROP JUMP to the lake