Logwash rc5

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Logwash rc5

Welcome to the lumbermill!!!

Welcome to Logwash! Fight over an ordinary lumber mill in the Rocky Mountains. Any reports of secret doomsday weapons are completely and utterly fabricated.
This map features interior and exterior gameplay, submerged areas, and interesting verticality around the control point. And don't forget to enjoy the weather while you blow your enemies to bits!

Rhamkin - Layout, Detail
Waugh101 - Detail, ConceptArt
MegapiemanPHD - Optimization, Detail
Zeus - Wood chip texture
Coolchou Zhao - Made logs
Stuffy - Douglasfir trees
Lofi - For the cool poster
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. rc5

    -Changed the Lumber Yard Shed so it looks prettier and plays better
  2. rc4

    WELCOME TO RC4!!! (idk if its the final version) -fixed lighting stuff -added some more detail -added skybox douglas trees so it looks more like a forest -added funny signs made by ZEUS (not the actual god lol) -drank some cappuccino -fixed the...
  3. rc3

    -small bug fixes -redid detail on the small shacks by the lake -added GRASS so the cows dont die of hunger -added a pile of wood chips -improved detail